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No Hot Water or Heating

Having access to hot water and heating facilities in rented accommodation is essential and a lack of either can make daily tasks extremely difficult in addition to the possibility of creating health problems for the tenant.

Tenants are entitled to having heating and hot water facilities and it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide them. Although daily maintenance is likely to be the tenant’s responsibility, landlords cannot neglect their legal responsibilities to provide their tenants with access to hot water and heating facilities and must carry out all maintenance and any repairs necessary.

The following items are the landlord’s responsibility;

  • Central heating facilities
  • Electrical heaters
  • Gas fires
  • Gas Supply
  • Radiators
  • Toilets and sanitation equipment
  • Water boilers
  • Water supply

If your home has no hot water or heating and your landlord does nothing to rectify the situation you may be entitled to compensation.

LAWTEC solicitors advise tenants to contact our housing team about disrepair matters involving heating and hot water as soon as possible.

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