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Broken/Faulty Boiler - LAWTEC

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Broken/Faulty Boiler

A broken or faulty boiler can leave you without heating or hot water which is a huge problem for tenants, in particular during the colder months.

Tenants are entitled to have a working boiler at all times in rented accommodation and it is therefore the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that any repairs that need to be carried out are done so.

Tenants are expected to inform their landlord of any boiler and/or central heating problems as soon as possible to give their landlord time to arrange a repair. In turn, landlords are expected to prioritise fixing the issue and ensure that everyone in the property can stay warm and has access to basic sanitation, especially in houses where there is no alternative access to heating and hot water.

Whilst the main problem caused by a faulty boiler is a lack of heating or hot water, there are other issues that can arise. A leaking or dripping pipe around the boiler has the potential to cause water damage to any surrounding materials; this includes walls, carpets and any belongings that may be stored next to the boiler. A tenant’s belongings can be completely ruined by water damage and may need to be replaced, something which could incur an unnecessary financial loss for the tenant.

Carpets or walls affected by leaking water could easily develop damp which can lead to mould. Mould not only looks and smells horrible but can also lead to health problem such as asthma, allergies and chest infections.

Although tenants are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance, fixing a broken or faulty boiler does not fall into this category. In such a situation, a tenant is responsible for reporting the disrepair to their landlord as soon as possible. The landlord is then obliged to carry out repairs within a reasonable amount of time. If your landlord fails to carry out repairs after receiving notice, you may have a potential claim for disrepair against them or you may be able to force the landlord to carry out the remedial works by obtaining an injunction order from court.

If you think you have a potential claim, you should get in touch with a specialist housing solicitor. Our team of dedicated housing lawyers at LAWTEC Solicitors are well-equipped and experienced to handle all kinds of housing disrepair matters, including cases involving broken or faulty boilers. They can advise you on what actions can be taken and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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At LAWTEC Solicitors, we have specialist experience in all areas of Motoring Law/Immigration Law and Commercial leases and can provide our assistance in these matters with a free initial assessment to help you along the way.

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