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Co-ownership Disputes

Co-ownership of a property can be the ideal way of getting on the property ladder – but if co-owners of a property fall out, without expert legal advice from a property dispute solicitor, matters can escalate quickly between the parties.

Co-ownership usually involves two parties – usually two family members, or a couple or friends – but if three or four friends decide to buy a property together or extended families have an interest in a property, co-ownership disputes can become extremely complex.

Co-ownership may also involve holiday properties, or properties which have business use for one or more of the parties involved – and in such cases, there may be more at stake for the party running a business from a property than simply realising their investment; so it is vital to contact a specialist property solicitor with expertise in co-ownership agreements as soon as you can, to protect any business interest in a property.

In cases where one party wishes to sell the property and another does not, it is also crucial to take legal advice sooner rather than later to protect your interests.

In matters relating to co-ownership of an inherited property, there may be a highly emotional aspect to any negotiations between parties over selling a property.

LAWTEC Solicitors offer sound legal advice to clients on decisions where an interest in a property might have been inherited after a family bereavement, to make sure their interests are protected at what is a difficult, stressful and emotional time.

Taking legal action in Co-ownership Property Disputes

LAWTEC Solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling cases and claims involving co-ownership disputes – and can act swiftly to protect a client’s interests.

LAWTEC Solicitors has a successful litigation department and our solicitors have expertise in handling property cases involving co-ownership disputes in the county court or in the Appeal Court.

LAWTEC Solicitors can advise on litigation in co-ownership property disputes, as well as dispute resolution and mediation as alternatives.

LAWTEC Solicitors not only have a highly successful litigation department, but also cover most other areas of law, including property and family law departments able to advise on particular areas of law in co-ownership disputes and co-ownership litigation – including divorce, co-habiting disputes and wills, trusts and probate

In property cases, time can be of the essence and LAWTEC Solicitors recommend that clients get in touch as soon as possible to discuss a property co-ownership dispute, so that the appropriate action can be taken against the opponent to protect any investment in the property.

Funding Co-ownership Property Dispute Claims

LAWTEC Solicitors offer clients who wish to take legal action in co-ownership property disputes a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) to fund their case.

LAWTEC Solicitors also offers a fixed fee arrangement for the initial assessment of a case involving a property co-ownership dispute, so our clients know exactly how much they will be paying from the outset.

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